Since 1995 our master craftsmen have been breathing life into the exquisitely carved and amazing array of intricate designs symbolizing the quintessential India, our religious marble statues have been appreciated by art lovers across the globe.

Our marble god statues have been the center piece on many a mantle and our marble statues have been placed at homesteads, temples and corporate offices the world over.

This level of success has been achieved due to adept craftsmen paying attention to the minutest of details in order to create masterpieces out of every project we undertake. With the detailed artistry the craftsmen strive to breathe life into the statues making an appeal to the religious, aesthetic and altruistic sense of our clients.

Our products serve the need for carrying out various religious rituals, enhancing ambiance, decorating homes and various other places of social gatherings. We make use of quality marble and other stone items and have introduced modern tools and technologies for chipping, polishing, engraving and designing these items.


Sharma Moorti Art

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